Green and Gold Leaf Earrings – a Collaboration With a Good Friend.

Recently I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Hughsie Sisters to design a pair of clay dangle earrings! This particular collaboration is a special one as the founder and creator of Hughsie Sisters is actually a close friend of mine, Nicole Hughes.


How did we meet?

I worked with Nicole during her time here in Melbourne, but she is now back in her hometown Toronto and running this business with her sister April Hughes.

What made you decide to collaborate?

We actually started our creative projects on Instagram at exactly the same time, and this was not planned either! We thought this would be a great opportunity to do something creative together, have fun and support each other’s work.


Tell me more about the earrings!

They are dangles and are handcrafted and made from clay. This particular pair, which I received below are clip-ons because I actually don’t have my ears pierced (of course this design is also available with the normal backing as well). The design is a blend of light green and a darker green, topped with gold leafing and a matching gold backing. Oh and we named it Carma!

What was the thinking behind the design?

We picked the colour green to use as a base because my name is Jade and we thought this would be quite fitting! To make it more unique, we decided to blend 2 different shades of green and adding gold leafing was a fun way to make them look more glam!


Why the name Carma?

It is a blend of my middle name Carmen and the word ‘karma’ – karma because Nicole, April and I are believers that good things will come if you have good intentions and we are all quite spiritual as well so thought it’d be fun to incorporate this aspect into the name!


Earrings Hughsie Sisters | Necklace Lovisa | Green blouse Dotti | Wide leg pants Glassons | Block heels SPURR Claudia Block Heels from The Iconic

Where can I go to check out other Hughsie Sisters earrings?

Hughsie Sisters – let a sister know.

This collaboration meant a lot to us. Nicole and I have both put in hard work into what we are passionate about and there certainly have been challenges while pursuing our creative projects. But we are learning that no matter what challenges you go through in life, the universe has your back and things will work out.

Always make time to explore your creativity and remember to trust in your ability to create the best life that you can live.

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My Top Skincare Products.


My skin type: Combination

If there’s one thing I’m willing to invest in, it’s skincare. Growing up, I gradually learnt that if I didn’t look after my skin, it didn’t matter how much makeup I used, I couldn’t hide unhealthy skin.

Although I love finding products I can stick to, I do also like testing and trying new things – there is so much variety out there and different brands. I thought it’d be fun to share with you my favourite skin care products at the moment and best finds.

At the moment, here are my top picks:


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I remember hearing a lot of people raving about Garnier’s Micellar Water, so naturally, I had to try this out for myself, and I’m so glad I did! All I do is add a few drops onto a cotton pad and gently wipe the product across my face – it leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh and removes all makeup and residue. My skin feels soft and supple each time. It’s very easy to use because you don’t need to wet your face with water or rinse it beforehand. It actually works better than my Lancome cleanser! Just note that they have different ones for different skin types, so make sure to pick the right one for your skin.



Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

This was my first Mario Badescu product. My skin can get a bit dry and dull sometimes so I decided to give their facial spray a go, and I fell in love! When looking for new skincare products, anything that can be used with versatility is a big tick for me, and this one does just that – this hydrating mist can be used on your face, with your moisturiser creams and even on your hair! I also love how it can be used any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up. A bonus is it smells amazing!

Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner

I was looking for a good quality toner that wouldn’t cost me a fortune, and came across Mario Badescu! As I already loved their facial spray, I thought I might as well try the toner as well. This one is great if you also have sensitive skin as it’s alcohol-free, contains Aloe Vera and is not scented. I use this after cleansing my face to further remove any dirt or impurities in my skin and it works a charm!



Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturiser

I have used Lancome and Laneige moisturisers before, which were great, but just like when I was looking for a new toner, I wanted to see if I could find a good quality moisturiser with a more affordable price tag (compared to what I was paying before), and voila! This was my first Origins product and I love this gel moisturiser! It smells divine and is so lightweight. Also, love how it absorbs into my skin quite quickly and my face feels soft and plump afterwards.



Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

I have heard of argan oil many times but didn’t start using it until recently. I wanted to add an extra layer of nourishment to my skincare routine so thought I should try facial oils. I have bought the small sample bottle and love the new addition! Although it’s an oil product, it absorbs into my skin very quickly and leaves it feeling super soft! Again, another aspect that captured my attention was the multi-use feature – I also use this on my nails when I feel like they need a bit of a boost (a.k.a. after removing 4 weeks worth of SNS nails…).



Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Guuuurl if you watched my Instagram story a few days ago, you already know how much I love this sunscreen! Finally, I have found one that doesn’t make my face look super oily! I apply this as a base for my makeup and it is very lightweight and absorbent. I don’t even remember that I have a layer of sunscreen on my face every day. If you are struggling to find a good sunscreen, give this one a go! It also comes in SPF 30+, which I have tried and is also amazing (I just prefer more UV protection, therefore switched to this one).

If you end up giving any of these a try or are already using any of these products, I’m keen to hear what you think!

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