6 Tips to Create an Easy Flat Lay.


Over this past month I have been working on building my online brand, and creating fun and inspiring content. Part of this also means I have been getting creative and finally ventured out to ‘flat lay’ territory…

If you aren’t sure what a flat lay is, it’s basically a beautiful photo that captures a range of your personal belongings, organised in a creative and engaging way. This could range from books, to makeup, to clothes to anything really.

I struggled with flat lays for a little while and decided to keep practicing, and I’m proud to say that I am quite happy with some simple ones that I’ve put together (check out these ones I’ve included in this post)! There are many different ways to flat lay, but check out the 6 tips below that I use to create easy, clean flat lays!

1. Set the background – colour and textures

Set up a nice clean background to put your items on – I normally like a white-coloured background, but it’s also nice to incorporate some different textures (e.g. a marble board, clean white bedsheets, an opened book or even a fluffy rug).

2. Natural lighting

This is so important for any photo! Make sure you have natural light hitting the photo – open all the blinds or just make sure you are close to a window. Otherwise, I like to increase the exposure just a tad with the VSCO app.

3. Choose one ‘main’ item or focal point and work other items into the photo around this

Not sure if anyone else does this, but I find this really helpful, especially when starting out! I like to use the following as my ‘main’ items:

  • A cosy winter jumper
  • A magazine/book
  • A bag
  • A laptop
  • A bowl of food


4. Decide on a colour theme/ambience and add other items

Decide on the colour theme for your flat lay and from this, find and add other items – e.g. if you have chosen a magazine as your main item, try to pick other smaller items around you that are the same colours as the magazine. Thinking about the ‘ambience’ you want to create is also helpful, such as dainty, colourful, rustic, urban, edgy, simplistic, etc.

You could do a crowded photo with lots of items or a simple one. I personally believe it’s easier to start with less as you can move things around quickly to see how the photo looks and packing up won’t be annoying afterwards!

5. Move the items around to see how it makes the photo look different

I personally like the less rigid look, so I’ll put things on a slant, layer different items and have part of some items peeking into the photo (e.g. the corner of a book or the petals of a flower). Don’t be afraid to experiment!

6. Stand up on a stool or chair to take your photo!

Oh yeah gurl, gotta be seriously about the whole set up! Stand up on a stool or chair and take the photo from a high angle so that it looks nice and flat. I also like to take photos from both my iPhone and DSLR camera so that I can use them for my Instagram and also my blog.


Go and give this a shot! It’s a fun way to experiment and get creative, also to promote your products/services!

Jade xx

Quitting My Job – A Leap of Faith


Books pictured

  • The Essentialists – Shine by Shannon Kennedy | 20 secrets to a happy life
  • Purpose by Lisa Messenger | The power of purpose and how to find your ‘why’
  • The Game Changers by Samantha Brett & Steph Adams | Read about the inspirational success stories from women around the world

Firstly, let me apologise for taking so long to write my next post – a lot has happened and life has just been a lil’ crazy!

For those of you who know me personally or was following me on Instagram in December last year, you will know that I took a massive leap of faith and left my job…without anything else in place! This was one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life, hence why it took me 6 months to come to this conclusion. What made it difficult was that I was part of an organisation that had a fantastic company culture, people were friendly and genuinely passionate about their jobs. I had a really supportive manager and worked with intelligent and unique people whom I learnt a lot from.

So why leave?

Over time, I realised that I was searching for more creativity in my role, and have never lost the dream to become a content creator/digital influencer, and also work within the fashion industry. Yes, that’s the millennial talk right there, but I am so proud to be one! Gone are the days where we simply take and stay with any job because it provides us with an income. Gone are the days where we are not encouraged to challenge our own situation, to push outside of our comfort zone and explore all that life has to offer us. However, my goal is not to stop full-time work, but rather to find something else that aligns more closely with my passions.

It did take a long time for me to come to terms with leaving a very stable job without anything else lined up yet, and in complete honesty, what I considered as my passion did seem a bit airy-fairy…most people described it as being ‘Insta-famous’ and ‘travelling the world while being sponsored by luxurious brands’. I understand the interpretation behind this, but for me, it is much more than these things.

Blogging and creating my own content is a way for me to express my individuality, my creativity and build a strong personal brand. On the other hand, fashion has also always been a huge love of mine. To me, it is a way we express beauty and our individuality to ourselves and the rest of the world. It is another creative outlet, and the right outfit can make all the difference to our confidence.

My goal is to one day inspire people in many ways through my work. It’s about connecting with like-minded people across the world, and being able to share and speak about topics that I am passionate about.

For now, I am enjoying the days of researching, learning how to improve the quality of my content, and bringing all the creative ideas in my head to life. Deep down, my gut told me over and over that it was the right time to leave my job, and I am aware that it might not work out in the end, and my life might take a completely different direction. I realise that your priorities, goals and life situation change over time, but I know for a fact that years from now when I look back on my life, there will very likely be no regret for trying my best and giving myself a chance to pursue these passions of mine, which has been in the back of my head since my time in uni.

I will always encourage people to follow their instinct and follow their dreams. It might not mean leaving your job or making any other drastic life changes, but promise yourself that whatever you do, don’t let fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence or the unknown hold you back. I am a firm believer that whatever happens, things will work out and you will take many learnings from your experiences, good and bad.

Life is short so create the best one you can live!

Jade xx